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Climbing the career progression ladder together with Bit-Pools LTD is a guaranteed way of success and prosperity – especially if you are an ambitious person and you want more than what our Affiliate Program offers.
Now, every user registered on the website of Bit-Pools LTD can become a Representative.
In order to obtain the Initial status of a Representative, you only need to submit an application for the basic status of a Representative of Bit-Pools LTD.

There are two ways to apply.

  • 1. Send a mail to the support unit containing your passport, username, email address and a written request.
  • 2. Discuss with your account manager or chat the support unit on our live chat.

Features and benefits of being a Representative

  • 1. You receive in addition to the agreed 6%, an extra bonus commission from the company.
  • 2. Access to support materials to assist your campaign.
  • 3. Partake in monthly draws set aside for only country reps.
  • 4. Receive allowances for housing, cars, travel packages and other benefits

There are higher positions than the representative, we have the Director and the President, however these positions are not open to everyone. they are only open to members who have an account with an active deposit on the plan 3.

However, it is important to note that not all applicants will be selected, and the selected applicant is subject to change without notice if the company feels such person is not meeting up to the company goals.